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Travelling to Chateau Lacanaud

Local Airports

Bergerac airport is the closest which is 25 minutes away from the venue. 

The next closest is Bordeaux which is 1hr 40mins away but the flights are more frequent from this airport..  

London to Bordeaux – flight time 1hr 25mins

London to Bergerac – flight time 1hr 40mins

London to Toulouse – flight time 1hr 50mins

New York to Bordeaux – flight time 10hrs 2mins

Transfer from Bordeaux Airport 

Taxi : From 150 Euro's Fill out the taxi form and our wedding planner will arrange the taxi 

Train:  20 min Taxi (from €50) from airport to Gare Saint Jean this will then get you to Marmande or Bergerac and you will then need a taxi from these cities.  The 1 hours train which should cost around €30 per person then the final taxi around €50-60

Hire Car : There are lots of options from about €160 for 3 days


 There are also trains to Bordeaux (7hrs 13mins) and Bergerac (8hrs 25mins) from Paris. All times are inclusive of London to Paris travel durations.


 You are more than welcome to drive down, there is onsite parking at the chateau reception venue, and most accommodation allows parking nearby.

Kent to Chateau Lacanaud – driving time 10 - 11hrs.

(You must remember that toll charges will apply, so budget 100-160 Euros for this).

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