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A Wedding in the Dordogne – what to expect?


Well, we’re here again. Erin and Rob, take 3. We’re not going to pretend the last couple of years have been anything short of a mess. Like many of you, the past few years have really afforded us the time to reflect on what is really important to us in our wedding (and well life in general) and we want to take three as the opportunity to showcase it to you all.


First things first, we’ve been very conscious to not just copy and paste the Italian plans into a French address. We wanted to really add a little va va voom/french flair to the proceedings and we’re very confident the plans we’re putting together will really help execute on that goal.


As a guest you can, at minimum expect:


  • A chance to experience the magic of the region that we’ve fallen in love with. 

  • A chance to taste some amazing food and wine (and not pay for it!)

  • Some breathtaking scenery!

  • French wedding bands…

  • A chance to celebrate us all being able to get together after so long. Our wedding is one of a thousand things worth celebrating over the past couple of years and we intend to toast them all.


While we do appreciate that we’re inviting you to a wedding in a French Chateau which is by any form of measurement, a bit extra, we want this to feel like a relaxing, fun weekend. From the events to the invite list, music to the food, we’re really trying to make this easy for you all. We’re super humbled by the fact that, in a (seemingly never ending) pandemic, so many of you would travel abroad to celebrate our wedding. With that in mind, no question/concern is too small – call us if there is anything you’re unsure of. 


We’re so excited our wedding is finally happening – and that you all will be there to enjoy it with us!

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