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Perfect Day byKaren designs and executes Weddings personalised to each couple. Our comprehensive services, insight and dedication are sure to make every occasion memorable and truly PERFECT.

Since a young age, I have loved all events, but especially weddings!

It started with helping my mum with dinner parties. After studying  Hospitality Business Management and having a 6-month placement helping run weddings and quickly running them alone, I knew this what I wanted to do.


After finishing my degree I ended up taking a different route into Restaurant management  working 4 & 5 star luxury hotels After managing a team for 8 years and supporting my best friend with her wedding. I remembered my love for weddings. So I took an events co-ordinator role specialising in Weddings for 3 years while completing a wedding planning style and design course to enhance my skills. Once I was an accredited wedding planner , I decided it was time to challenge myself and do something different every day at different venues. 


People often ask me why I am a wedding planner and the simple answer is because I have always wanted to! But the truth is I love making someone idea’s and dreams come together and take the stress and pressure away from everyone on the wedding day.


I love the full planning side of my job but the reason I am a wedding planner is to see it all come together on the day while the happy couple relax with their family and friends.

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