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10 Common Wedding Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

You have just got engaged and now you are excited to plan your wedding, but so is everyone else and you are about to get so much information about what you should and shouldn't do. Here are 10 Myths about planning your wedding.

1. Invite Reciprocity.

You have been invited to your work colleagues wedding and your second cousins best friends but that doesn't mean you have to invite them to your wedding. Everyone's wedding is different and some people prefer a wedding for 100-150 people so they invite everyone they know. Whereas others prefer a smaller wedding with 50-60 guests there is nothing wrong with either your wedding is to spend time with the people you choose not your family's friends unless they mean something to you and you would like them there. This also includes plus one's only allow them if you want them there. Sometime plus ones are not people you know well this is why often people only allow plus one's if they are engaged to their friends so they know they are sticking around.

2. It takes at least 12 months to plan a wedding

This is not true at all and you never need to spend this long planning your wedding. Unfortunately with the current back log of weddings it is necessary to book a lot of suppliers as soon as possible as they are all getting booked up. One thing to remember is enjoy being engaged it is only a short part of your life so make the most of it and plan in chucks to make it move along quickly.

3. You have to wear white

This is a crazy Myth you can wear what ever you want and any colour, yes white meant you were pure etc but times have changed and people are not getting married at 18 so lets dress how we want and make it as fun as you wish. There is nothing wrong with white and can be stunning. FYI Photogrpaher hate white dresses on a sunny day.

4.You have to pay for bridesmaids outfits and hair and make up

This one I find really difficult as I personally think if you have asked someone to be your bridesmaid you should cover some or all off these costs, However this can add up a lot so it is your choice but if you expect a certain dress and hair and make up you should be willing to pay for this.

5. DIY is cheaper

I get told DIY is cheaper all the time but I generally find this isn't the case, the amount of couples who have said they will just buy lighting or garden games etc but not only are the items cheaper to hire but they also get set up sometimes your own time and enjoyment should come first over the cost. This week I looked into making confetti push pops for a couple and yes making them was going to be cheaper but the messing around and risk of it not being right was too much to justify the cheaper item. Even when people buy vases etc for table center pieces what are you going to now do with 15-30 vases or bird cages or candle holders?

6. You must follow traditions and a strict time plan

I do love a good tradition but they are not what makes a wedding it is the happy couple so if you don't want to have a first dance or cut a cake you do not have to. YOUR wedding is about making your memories so do something you want to do I had a couple who played MR & MRS instead of a first dance.

7.You have to do it all yourself you fiance won't help

This Myth makes me sad as if you have to plan your whole wedding alone does the other person really want to get married? I am not saying they need to be fully hands on but there must be something about the wedding they want to help/support with even if that's just planning the pool party the next day. I have planned a lot of weddings and in previous roles I had a wedding where I never meet the Groom but since running my own business I always meet both people and everyone seems as invested in the wedding. I really hope all couples support each other in planning the biggest event of their lives even if you have now planned it 4 times.

8 A band will have too many breaks and will loose the atmosphere

I have conversations about band or DJ all the time and honestly still haven't decided which I prefer yes a DJ is constantly playing music but they do not provide the same energy and atmosphere as a band and yes a band has breaks but a lot work with a DJ who will fill this space. They also generate such a different atmosphere that people probably would like a break too when the band stop. They also do not have long breaks generally and it is when you could add in something else to be doing E.g cutting the cake or watching Fireworks.

9.You will spend more than you want to.

Often people do go over budget when planning their wedding as they do some late night shopping for little bits and do not include these in the budget and sometimes once they start planning they get lost in all the amazing things they can do.

But the key thing is spend what you want to do not feel you have to have designers suits and dresses or that you have to pay for a 5 course meal for 150 people. I recommend making a budget and add in some miscellaneous money for the late night shopping and feel free to say NO.

10.You shouldn't hire a wedding planner you friends can help instead

I know I am bias as I am a wedding planner but here are the reasons why you SHOULD hire a wedding planner. we are not a unnecessary cost we are an essential tool to negotiate planning your wedding effectively

  • An expert, confidant and mentor

  • Someone who will listen to you, support you and take away some of the burden and stress of planning a wedding

  • Someone who will work with you to understand your vision and then deliver it

  • Someone who will create one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

  • Someone who will work tirelessly for you, with your best interests at heart, to ensure that Every last detail is carefully considered and flawlessly executed

Ultimately its YOUR wedding do it your way especially if you are paying!!

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