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3 Things people forget when planning their wedding

There are so many little details to think about when planning a wedding, and wether you have the help of your fiancee or friends and family, or you are trying to do it all alone, you will most probably forget something pretty important. From my experience, you would be surprised by how many couples forget the same things every time!

Most couples usually focus on the key things like the venue, the caterers, the photographer and of course the dress, and they often tend to miss the tiny details. These are just 3 of the most common things that people forget, there are many more.


Obviously people always remember to order a cake and have probably tasted it and chosen something which is a show stopper. However, quite often people forget about the details, such as the linen for the cake table or the decorations around the table, so you have this beautiful cake just sat on a table without it being incorporated into the theme of the rest of the wedding. It is easy to fix this by simply telling your florist to add a few flowers from your floral displays, it doesn't cost a lot but just finishes the table.


The next point is about something that is forgotten very often, I’m not sure if its because people just don't have the same priority for a guest book or if it simply just slips their mind. Even when people remember the guest book, they forget to allocate someone to make sure it gets signed by the guests (this is one of the many tasks of a wedding planner), or forget another key thing: THE PEN. Some couples forget about the pen, so they might have a stunning book or feature for people to sign with a dodgy basic pen, or one with the venue’s brand on.


Have you thought about the music for the ceremony? I’m sure you did, but often, when music isn’t their main focus, couples don't think too much about the ceremony music. Some of them may think about the entrance song but don't think about the fact their guests will be sat in silence while they wait for the arrival of the couple. Another moment when music makes a great difference is during the time when the newly weds are signing any official documents. (This one is often not the case on destination weddings as they do not have this formality, but you still need music for while your guests are taking the seats and and entry and exit song. )

I would love to hear what you forget or if you remembered everything!


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