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5 Reason why you should get married in South West France

With so many choices for wedding destinations nowadays, what is going to be the deciding fact for you?

I, personally, love the southwest of France for so many reasons, hence why I relocated here, and I would like everyone to love this area as much as I do. I would love for everyone to get married here but I guess that would become boring, if everyone did the same. Maybe you haven’t considered this area, or maybe you are set on the South of France, however, here are few reasons why I think this area has so much to offer:


One question most couples ask me is how much should they spend on beverages on the day, what do people expect, and honestly I don’t think it really matters how much you provide, as long as you cover an arrival drink, wine on the tables and a drink for the toast. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tell your guests there is an open bar? Well, this is so much easier in the southwest of France, as most venues are hired in a way which is called dry hire, meaning you can provide your own drinks. Consideringthat a bottle of wine in the UK, purchased from the venue, costs on average £20, I think it’s much better that you can buy local, French, good quality wine for 5 euros per bottle (imagine the massive savings already!). Also, at lot of people now serve prosecco at their wedding, but wouldn’t it be so much nicer to serve champagne? Again, each glass in the UK is sold at around £10.00 but you can buy the bottle for 15- 20 euros in this area, which would serve 5 people (also a massive saving and you can keep the arrival drinks flowing, rather than just one drink per person).


Many couples cannot wait to plan their wedding day menu, and they can sometimes be disappointed in the standard venue offerings. However, the southwest of France is well known for its Duck and Prune production, as well as loads of local food producers, who take pride in everything being super fresh and flavoursome. Also, in this area, most places do not offer the catering, therefore you can choose your ideal venue, then find a caterer to match, rather than settling with the food because you love the venue.


I personally love the idea of a winter wedding, as then you do not have to worry about the weather and you do not get disappointed if it rains, but obviously, everyone wants a warm sunny day so you can spend time outside, enjoying the day. Well, in the South west of France, the temperature is on average above 20 degrees from May to mid-September, and on average only 10 days of rain in July & August, which means the chances of having a wonderfully sunny wedding day are pretty high, and normally, even if it rains, it clears up pretty quick.


Whether you are looking for a rustic barn wedding, or a beautiful castle (chateau), this area has it all and many other options in between. But not only are the venues lovely, so are the views and the surrounding areas, which is great for pictures.


Lots of couples find that on their wedding day they didn’t get to speak to everyone or spend much time with anyone, which is what makes a destination wedding ideal; you can have a longer celebration by having everyone arrive before the big day, as a lot of the venues come with accommodation, which means lots of your close friends and family can all stay in one place.

Next week I will be writing and posting a blog about 10 of the beautiful village in this area.


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