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About Me - Wedding Planner Nouvelle Aquitaine

From my about me page you can find out the facts about me, what I've studied, how long I've worked with weddings etc but that doesn't really let you get to know me.

So what do I love in this world..... well of course my partner and my beautiful 10 month old daughter, life changed a lot this year but only for the better in so many ways they say having children either pushes you to do more or you settle into mum life. It defiantly gave me the drive to make changed in our lives. We relocated to the South of France and brought our first house, well I say house it was a shell of a house but we are slowly making it into a house and soon to be our beautiful home.

For me relocating to the South of France was easy some of my favourite things in the world are in this area- wine, duck & sunshine! I have always had a keen interest in wine, don't worry I don't just drink anything I can lay my hands on. I actually studied my WSET (wines & spirts education trust) Level 3 which is a similar level to sommeliers. Even after this level of education and tasting many wines of the world, I still think French wine from Bordeaux is the best! I have always loved summer holidays and laying by the pool its is slightly different now with the little one but living here means I don't have to crash tan!

Some other things I also love are childish so shh.... I love Hello Kitty always have and probably always will my sister even took me to a Sushi bar which had a Hello Kitty pop up for my birthday 2 years a go. I keep this addiction to stationary up until now, my poor daughter now gets dress in Hello Kitty T-shirts, this is the same with Minnie Mouse I now channel this love though my daughter.

As I just mentioned my sister took me to a Sushi bar well this is because I also love RAW food weather that is Sushi or Steak Tartare I love it all and strangely I would eat some food raw which I wouldn't eat cooked.

The final thing i'm going to mention for now is cherries anything which is flavoured with cherry or has cherries on it clothing, tea towel, table clothes etc this became a problem with the Katy Perry song as I wasn't kissing girls.

Once I started thinking about the things I love I realised I might do a bi-monthly about me as there are so many things and to let you know more of my favourite things. What do you think?


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