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British DJ in France!

Choosing your wedding music is never an easy task: do you go for a band, a DJ or both and does it fit in your budget? Personally, I feel they both work very well, I find a DJ keeps the party going, whereas a band really gets people on the dance floor, but then they stop for a break and people wander off.

James, from British DJ in France, moved to South West France with his family over fifteen years ago; he had the advantage of growing up within both the French and English music culture. This has allowed him to

appreciate and understand the music preferred at English speaking events. He is really passionate about being a DJ and has also travelled to follow some famous DJ's, which have been inspirational to him.

As I’m asking the same questions for all supplier interviews, I am finding that with two of my questions I am getting the same answers: it has become clear that a lot of suppliers cannot choose their favourite location, and this clearly goes to show just how many amazing and beautiful choices there are in this area. The other thing which has come apparent, is that everyone in the supplier community appreciates what the others do and do not want to pinpoint just one favourite person, which is great as it shows that everyone appreciates each other’s tremendous work.

How long have you worked in weddings?

I have worked 2 years (third season is this year) in weddings but I have lived in France for 20 years.

Why do you love specialising in weddings?

Weddings are a fantastic experience and the fact I am able to be a part for such an important day for the couple and their guests is a real privilege.

What is your best wedding experience? 

3. My best experience was a Brazilian wedding. It was an amazing atmosphere and they just did not stop partying. The party went on till 6 in the morning.

Where is your favourite wedding location?

There are so many beautiful locations in Southern France, it's just impossible to choose one

What is your top tip for newly engaged couples?

My top tip for the newly engaged couples, would be to just enjoy their special day and let the suppliers take away any worries or issues. It's an amazing experience getting together with all your friends and family, some of which you may not have seen in a very long time. And most of all it's important to have plenty of fun and celebrate a life long commitment.

Who is your favourite supplier? 

I also don't have a favorite supplier as there are so many professional, kind and caring wedding suppliers in France.

A brief look at James’s social media shows what a great time he has at the weddings, and as you can see from his answers, the party just doesn't stop if the dance floor is still full! Sounds like my kind of DJ!


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