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THE HOG KING - French Wedding Caterer

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

This week I had the chance to chat to Philip from THE HOG KING. He is a lovely welsh man, very easy going, with whom I had a really great talk. Before talking with him, I thought that they only offered Hog Roast, which, personally, I think is great! (who doesn’t love a hog roast?!) Well, actually I have found one person.

I found out that THE HOG KING actually can accommodate any catering needs, including crockery and glassware, which is ideal for a DIY wedding, as you don’t want to have to deal with all that separately.

I’ve asked Philip the usual questions to try and find out more about the people behind the THE HOG KING!

How long have you been working in weddings?

Since moving to France, 10 years ago, Philip and his wife have established a very well-known business, specialising in hog roast and BBQ’s. They use stainless steel, and Philip passionately explained to me why, (clearly, I’m a hog roast novice, but basically the stainless steal spit guarantees the cooking time, which is essential for weddings, as you can’t be late with the food!). They are happy to cater for weddings of up to 150 people and can offer everything from Canapés to cheese boards; they are up for bespoke menus as long as they are seasonal. THE HOG KING take pride in the freshness of their meat and ingredients, as well as in the size of their portions, as they want to make sure everyone is well fed (the biggest pig they can roast is 80 kg!!).

Before moving to France, Philip’s wife was a chef in the UK for 30 years, having even worked in Michelin stared restaurants, so they know all about how to create the best seasonal menus, and how to make sure the wedding food is memorable.

Why do you love specialising in weddings?

Philip really appreciates all the connections that he makes with the lovely people they work with during weddings, from the brides and grooms themselves to the suppliers that they work with together to create the perfect day! They love to see the wedding guests having such a lovely time and to know that they are helping making it happen. They also like the flexibility of working for themselves and having the choice of where and when to work.

What is your best wedding experience? 

There wasn’t one particular wedding which stood out as the best for Phillip, he simply loves them all and loves experiencing new venues and meeting new people.

Where is your favourite wedding location?

Philip highly recommends Chateau Du Doux; he couldn’t praise this venue enough, and insisted on mentioning Abbie, who runs the chateau and who is a pleasure to work with. He thinks this location has a lovely 5 star feel to it and has been especially impressed by the beautiful reception.

What is your top tip for newly engaged couples?

Philip recommends booking your caterers at least 6 months before the wedding, especially if you are already set on your date, as everyone books up in advance and they are even taking bookings for 2021 already!!

The main thing I’ve learnt from talking to Philip, was how varied their services actually were; they offer packages from 16 euros to 70 euros depending on what you are looking for. They will also travel for up to 8 hours from Limogues and they work on a first come first served basis so I highly recommend getting your booking in quick if you want them to cater at your wedding. I’ve also enjoyed speaking to Philip on the phone, as it meant I could hear his tone of voice and really appreciate just how enthusiastic and passionate he is about what he does, as well as his pride for everything they serve to be fresh, local and served to the highest standards.

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