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Luxury Loo's - Wedding Supplier in France

This week we are talking toilets....Yes this is a wedding blog but not everything about weddings is all sparkly and beautiful your guest will need to go to the little girls room at some point during your wedding and have you thought about this? Well then you should look at Luxury Loo's as these loo's are beautiful!

There is so many things to consider, you might think that there are toilets in your accommodation which is attached to the venue or that there is one guest bathroom, well have you considered 80 -120 people using the same toilet all day that is a lot of use, and as the evening goes on a lot of mess, who will clean this up???

Using Luxury Loo's you don't need to worry about people walking around your accommodation or the mess afterwards you can just enjoy your whole day and leave the toilet cleaning to the professionals the next day.

I got to meet Lauren from Luxury loo's a couple of weeks ago, coming from the UK I thought everyone was offering this service but apparently in France it is nearly impossible to find someone else offering this service, which is why Lauren & Ollie with some help set this up, after not being able to find loo's for Ollie's sister wedding.

How long have you worked in weddings?

4 years

Why do you love specialising in weddings?

We love being in the wedding industry as we have found that there really was a gap in the market which the English couples were really looking for to get the same products they were used to in England but for their destination wedding. Everyone is always so delighted when they see our loos and it is so nice to be able to make their special day go smoothly.

What is your best wedding experience? 

The best experience for us is our clients reactions and the best have been ‘Magnificent, better than their loos in their houses, like loos in a 5* hotel, Outstanding’

Where is your favourite wedding location?

We love working all over France and getting to work in magnificent venues / personal homes whilst getting to visit France’s beautiful countryside.

What is your top tip for newly engaged couples?

Our top tip would be to make sure you have thought about all your suppliers arrival times before the day and stagger them to make their day less stressful.

Who is your favourite supplier? 

We have many suppliers that we love to work with but we do love working with Chris and Debbie at La Bonne Fete as they are so professional and we always have a laugh when working together.

I really enjoyed chatting to Lauren it is great to have a better idea of why they started their business and also made me realise just how important extra loo's are at YOUR wedding.

I love Laurens top tip and this is one of the tasks couples forget and all the suppliers turn up at once or at times when the venue isn't ready for them. this is one of the task me as a planner can assist in the lead up to your special day


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