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6 ways to Make Planning YOUR Wedding Less Stressful.

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Planning your wedding will never be stress free as there is always so much to consider and so many people, but it can be made less stressful with my top tips.


Hire a wedding planner to plan your whole wedding from start to finish, as a wedding planner of course this is my top tip to make your planning less stressful, your planner would then take on all the stress and would only inform you of any problems once they are resolved. They also provide you with a realistic budget based on your preferences and they do a lot of the WEDMIN for you.


Hire an on the day wedding planner, having someone else be your eyes and ears on your wedding day means you can simple turn up get pampered and have a great time. This is great if you have decided to plan your wedding yourself at least after all the planning you can simply relax on your special day.


Make a budget and stick to it, I have a whole different blog post on this but the main thing to make use is you have an emergency pot/ late night online shopping pot. The worse thing is to start arguing because one person is spending more on one element than you have expected resulting in something else having to be reduced which was important to you.


Make time for WEDMIN! If you are planning your wedding yourself there is plenty of emails and documents to keep updated, there is also lots of conversations to have regardless of if you have a planner or not. Therefore, it’s important to allow time for these conversations when you are both ready to discuss it. There is not point trying to discuss things when you have just finished work or rushing to get out the house for the day.


Decide from the start how involved you would like family & friends to be in the planning. Sometimes, family members expect to be involved in your wedding weather that is helping you plan, telling you who you have to invite or simply wanting to provide decorations or be the photographer. If your family & friends want to be involved you need to decided what you are comfortable with & explain this from the start.


Confirm your expectation from each other, This point is really important neither of you want to end up feeling like you did everything unless you actually wanted to, so it is important to set some tasks for each other or at least discuss how involved you will both be.

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