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How to make your wedding stand out!

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

I know everyone wants their wedding to be individual but with so many couples getting married and going to weddings each year they are bound to steal ideas from each other so how do you make your own wedding stand out from the others that year or even all of your friends.

To stand out yes having a massive budget helps but I think it is more about the little touches that people will notice that don't have to break the bank but will leave a lasting impression. if you have a huge budget why not do everything.

1 - Be Personal

This one is easy and depending on your budget you can do a little or alot, the easiest way to be personal is in your ceremony, talk about you as a couple and even have some readings which mean something to you both. Another way to be personal is putting your initials on things weather that’s embroidered on the napkins, or projected on the walls you can even layer it on to your dance floor. The options are endless but a really simple one is having pictures of the two of you around or as tables numbers.

2 - Show Your Personalities

This one is more about who you are individually and as a couple, what do you like doing, eat, watching. Then bring these elements of you into your wedding this could be a car bonnet as a guest book or maybe a giant champagne bottle. It could be a welcome sign held up with your motorbike, or horses carrying the welcome drinks. I know people think weddings have to be formal elegant events which they still can be just with a twist of your true personalities. I am not saying theme weddings, I do find this a step to far, but there is nothing wrong with Hulk climbing up your wedding cake or the star wars sound track as your entrance song.

3- Be Different

As I said at the beginning being different is difficult when there is always someone doing something new but this is where your personal preferences come in with menu choices, cake designs, music and entertainment. Often people think of entertainments as just being a band or DJ but there is lots of other talented people offering table side entertainment or drinks reception entertainment.

4- Keep the Atmosphere Going

This I think is key, often at weddings people are waiting around for what to do next an easy way to avoid this is a time plan welcome sign so people know when each part of the day will happen. However, it is also about keeping everyone entertained, feed and hydrated throughout the day. The main reason people are looking for what to do next is because they are hungry or bored. Unfortunately, you won’t stand out if people are bored at your wedding.

5- Bottle the Wedding as a Favour

This is something which can be hard to do depending on what standout elements you have on your wedding day. some people have so many flowers you can smell this when you event the room or a perfume/ room spray which can have the same impacted, you could then give small bottles with this spray in to the guests so when they spray it they remember your wedding. Or if you got married on the beach you could give our cute bottles of sand. Many couple do give the welcome drink as a favour if it was something different for example homemade sole gin. Just anything that when your guest get home they can experience part of your wedding again.

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