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Senses and YOUR wedding

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Senses and your wedding, for most people they just think you pick some colours and then organise some suppliers then you get married which is fine but for any wedding to be remembered for years to come you really should engage all your guest senses.

Taste – this is an easy one just have great food and drinks and you are sorted. Even better if you have drinks which are special to you as a couple, whether that’s a gin station made of gin made locally to you or Signature cocktails.

Sight- this is the colours part and making sure your decorations stand out for the right reason basically making the most of everything people can see.

Sounds- this is another easy one its just about having the right music during the day if your budget allows have live music throughout the day if it doesn’t just think about a great playlist which will stick in people’s minds for your entrance/ exit song or even a great song for announcing you into your wedding breakfast.

Touch – Now we start getting harder for a lot of people they don’t even think about touch as the venue provided the linen so that’s what you go with but have you considered a table runner or extra cloth in a different fabric for example velvet which was on trend loads last year it’s not something everyone expects.

Smell – Finally smell, for many people they buy flowers which fill the space with a great smell I will always remember one of my first weddings where they had loads of roses and the room smell of roses every time I walked in the room. I also used a chair cover supplier for a while who used a beautifully scented fabric soften which always filled the room. but really smell is aimed and the couple buys a perfume you have never used before which when you where it will always remind you of your wedding day. Or have scented candles and they give the same scented candles as favours so people take that smell away with them.

It's all these senses which make your wedding personal and standout along with so many other things.

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