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Showcasing an Amazing Supplier - Portrait Beaute

I think it is really important to showcase suppliers to everyone why keep your recommended suppliers to yourself. I think we should all be shouting about each other from the roof tops!! So for my Sunday blog I will doing just this......

Starting first with Jessica O'Sullivan (I promising I didn't just choose her because she has the same name as my daughter) from Portrait Beaute who is a make up artist who works across Ireland and France,

other suppliers describe her style is a welcomed change to the classic style used in the area. Jess believes that "Brides are tending to be younger, they’re styles are changing, a lot of them are more into their hair and makeup now – it’s becoming more of a priority in terms of services for their wedding day and my style is a welcomed addition to the French bridal industry" I haven't worked with this supplier yet but have only see and heard good things and can't wait to work with her now that I have found her, well technically she found me on the wonderful world of social media. So I reached out to find out more about her and as you can see from the responses below she is a true wedding enthusiast and team player.

How long have you worked in weddings?

Putting a time on how long I’ve been in the industry can make it seem like I’m a newbie when in fact, my background in event planning, my years of travel, my life long interest in the beauty and makeup industry and my experience and work can hopefully speak for itself without putting a time stamp on it.

Why do you love specialising in weddings?

"I love specialising in bridal makeup as it’s always such an honour to be chosen to be part of a brides wedding morning. There is no greater feeling than knowing a bride has put her trust in you to do her makeup on one of the most important days of her life. I thrive on job satisfaction, I love the feeling when I know I’ve done my job to the best of my ability. I also cannot wait for the moment when the bride holds the mirror up to see her makeup for the first time and is so grateful and happy with her makeup, it’s the best feeling ever".

What is your best wedding experience? 

I don’t think I have a best wedding experience to be honest with you, as all of them are so different and unique they are an experience in their own way. But for every wedding, being welcomed in by a brides family and friends I enjoy making everyone feel relaxed and comfortable on a wedding morning is the best wedding experience I can ask for. 

Where is your favourite wedding location?

Again, without being too diplomatic, all locations are beautiful in their own way. From the staircase at Chateau La Durantie in Lanouaille that is every photographers dream, to the unforgettable teal painted walls of the art deco bridal suite in Chateau La Bourlie, Urval, to the stunning views of the sunflower fields off the balcony at Chateau de Jalesnes in Vernantes to the stunning grounds and impeccably kept gardens at Le Mas de Montet in Petit-Bersac, each and every venue has such gorgeous and unique features that it’s a privilege to call these venues my place of work and essentially ‘my office’ .

What is your top tip for newly engaged couples?

Top tip for newly engaged couples – prioritize & personalize! Don’t try to compete with others that have been married before you. Make your day unique to you and prioritize what’s most important to you. If a supplier is of high priority to you, then it’s important that he/she/they are part of your special day – whatever the cost – don’t try to save on areas that are of high importance to you in other words as you’ll only regret it! You’ve done all the hard work up to the wedding day, then it’s up to the suppliers to do the rest. Knowing you have the correct suppliers and you 100% trust them will make you feel very relaxed on your wedding day. And also, its NEVER too early to enquire!

Who is your favourite supplier? 

Again, I couldn’t pick a favourite supplier, they are all so talented in their own way and have worked hard to perfect their craft and I appreciate the hard work that goes into every suppliers job. I am more than happy to give my brides recommendations of other suppliers I have worked with in the past and can personally vouch for, who works I admire. 

When I reached out to this wonderful make up artist to be part of my blog the one thing which stood out on her email was the following "The industry may be small but there is so much work for everyone out here, it’s nice to see businesses support each other and more importantly women supporting other women too" which is just so lovely as people often think this industry is full but i'm glad i'm not the only person who thinks it is not.

Do not forget new post on Wednesday but next supplier blog is next Sunday

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