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"The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Your Wedding Dress: Tips, Tricks, and Recommendations"

You have spent months looking for the perfect wedding dress and now you need to bring it to your destination wedding venue which is a lot of brides nightmare, will your partner see your dress while traveling, will they guess what it is like from the carry bag....... Here is 7 top tips to make sure this happens as stress-free as possible.

1. This one is a must always travel with your dress, jewellery, shoes basically anything you plan to wear on your wedding day in your hand luggage and make sure it is all in the plane with you. Obviously if you are driving this is easier. As much as you might have never lost a bag when traveling the worse things would be for this to happen on your wedding. Often people only fly a few days before and it might not be found in time. so please keep it all with you so you know it will be there for your special day.

2. Consider what your dress is traveling in sometimes the boutique will provide a garment bag which is often thin and not water proof, which if you are leaving the UK you will want something waterproof. You can also have a coffee/glass of wine in the airport without worrying you will spill your drink on your bag. - I know you have never done it before but a precious white dress can do crazy things to you.

3. Ask the airline team to help you, sometimes they have space in there lockers to fit your dress which is great, but if this is really far from your seat and this makes you uncomfortable keep your dress with you, wait until everything is seating and then lay your dress over the top of your own bags.

4. As soon as you arrive take your dress out of the travel bag, Depending on your style of dress but the less time your dress spends squashed into the travel bag the easier it will be to get ready for your wedding day.

5.Travel with a steamer or check if your venue has one, for all of my couples I will have one ready for you to use to make sure your dress is perfect after traveling.

6. Plan in advance where your dress is going when you arrive to avoid any little peeks at the dress before the big day. Often everyone is staying in the same place so not easy to keep your partner away from your dress but think about this in advance.

7. And ultimately this is the time to play the BRIDE CARD and just ask everyone to help you make sure your dress is ready for your big day wether that's the airline crew, your partner or family and friends.

The main thing to remember you are not the first person to travel with a wedding dress so relax and enjoy the journey to your WEDDING DAY!

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