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With travel rules being lifted in both UK and France in the coming week, I am so excited that WEDDINGS ARE BACK. Which made me look back on how last year ended, The season didn't start until September for me and the wait had been sooooo long but my goodness it was worth it! I am going to let you into a secret that not many of my couples ask me but I started my business in October 2019 yep that was 5 months before COVID 19 hit us and changed my life in so many ways the couples I thought were going to be my first couples in 2020 have now moved to this year and a couple I never thought would be my first couple were. I think they were always meant to be my first couple they were great and then didn't even guess until they got home and found their wedding card! They were shocked which is what I always wanted.

Photo credit - Newpixel Photography

Now I have let out that secret I feel I need to justify my talents, I have more than 15 years experience working in 4&5 star hotels across all area's of the business and finally ending up in the sales office selling the weddings, I had spent so many years working on. I loved this job so much I studied with The Wedding Academy to confirm my understanding and enhance my skills. I was finally ready to go out on my own so moved to France and started Perfect Day by Karen.

After 18 months of postponements and changes when I had two couples who were certain they were going ahead this year I was so excited but it took until I arrive at Chateau Durantie on the Friday to accept it was happening, and oh did it happen!!!

Photo credit - Newpixel Photography

My first wedding was on Saturday 11th September and I loved every single minute of the day, yes it is a long day but when the adrenaline is running you do not even notice. Everything about this day was speical from the sparkly second dress, the signature cocktails and the jet sparklers which went off with a bang. The main thing which made this day was how much fun everyone had so much fun, the music started at 8pm and no one stopped dancing until 2am which is so amazing to see after so long and also seeing so many weddings before COVID which loose their energy by 10pm. It wasn't just a celebration of the couple getting married , it was a celebration of everyone making it to France and finally being able to celebrate regulation free.

My Second wedding was 4 days later yep nothing for 18 months then 2 in 1 week but I wasn't complaining this couple were amazing all day so spontaneous and kept everyone on their toes. Their wedding was so personal which is what weddings are all about. This wedding was an at home wedding which was such a different style to the one a few days before but fun and happiness remained the same. Everything about this day was fun from singing The Proclaimers during the ceremony to arriving in a digger bucket this couple knew how to have a relaxed fun day.

Both weddings were so different but this is exactly why I decided to do my job as working in the same venues all the time, the weddings become copy and paste and this way I will always be on my toes and watching out for possible challenges, while still working with couples for the common goal of their lives being as stress-free as possible and making their dreams a reality

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