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Wedding Budget

With there always being so much talk about this dreaded topic and it is one of the key reasons weddings do not go ahead, I thought I would discuss it.

Unless you are on of the few who doesn't have to worry about the budget and can fly your suppliers in from all over the world and buy chairs just for that day because you don't like the ones in the venue, then your budget will be your bible from the start to the end of your wedding.

I truly believe that with a budget your wedding planning will actually be less stressful as you have already discussed where you plan on spending your money. I highly recommend making the budget together so you are both on the same page from the start and it should then also be fair, we all know a wedding dress is expensive but that doesn't mean you should only leave pennies for the suits.

So what are my tips for planning your budget to avoid the picture to the right:-

1. Stick to your budget - Who wants to start married life in debt.

2. Be realistic do your research first on how much things cost so you don't get surprises down the line and have to extend your budget.

3. Choose the key things you care about and spend money on them whether that's the food and drink or the entertainment and flowers make sure you know what you want people to remember and push the boat out in these area's

4. Remember that every person you invite pushes your budget up so make sure you only invite the people you really want there on average an extra person costs in the region of £100-£150 it's not just the food but also all the extra items you need for each person if you have a DIY wedding.

Budgeting and monitoring the budget is one of the services I include in my full wedding planning and of course it is easy for me to stick to a budget because I have to-it's my job, but when you are monitoring it yourself you would surprised how many small spends add up which you didn't include at the start.


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