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Wedding Party Responibilities

Weddings are not a one-person planning event, and that’s why the more people get involved and help on the day, the better; there are plenty of tasks your wedding party could be doing on the day, some of which they don’t realise, and some which get forgotten. Below is just a few of the tasks which are expected from you wedding party.


· Attending to vendors that need help setting up

· Being there for emotional support

· Holding the bride bouquet

· Helping with any crises that may arise during the big day

· Being social and helping make guests feel welcome

· Getting the party started on the dance floor

Maid of Honour

· Helping the bride get ready on the big day

· Serving as one of the signers of the marriage license

· Holding the groom’s ring during the ceremony

· Deal with friends and family requests during the day and filter to bride

· Helping the bride change for her honeymoon and storing her gown in a safe place until she gets back

· Help the bridesmaids with hosting

· Make sure the bride eats and stays hydrated

· Troubleshooting any problems that arise

Best Man

· Serving as one of the signers of the marriage license

· Making sure all the groomsmen are in the right place at the right time

· Helping with hosting the reception as needed

· Make sure button holes are all put on correctly

· Direct guests towards guest book

· Dancing with the maid of honour during the first official dance

· Helping rally the bridesmaids and groomsmen to decorate the getaway vehicle

· Helping collect the presents at the end of the night

· Coordinating transportation to the airport for the couple’s honeymoon

· Making sure all service providers have received payment and been tipped

· Return suits if required


· Ushering guests to their seats before the ceremony

· Getting ready with the groom on the day of wedding

· Dancing with bridesmaids and single female guests at the wedding

· Helping to carry away gifts following the wedding if needed

However, I personally feel that your wedding guests are there to have fun, therefore, by booking a wedding planner, they will take responsibility of many of these tasks for you so everyone can relax and enjoy the day and spend their day focused on the happy couple, instead of worrying about the small details. Leave it with me to take care of all this and more, and enjoy your wedding day along with your friends and family !

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