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Why a wedding planner is a necessary cost

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Something I used to always hear was that having a wedding planner was a luxuary people couldn't afford. and don't get me wrong if you want a low key under €15,000 weddings then it probably is a cost you could do with out.

However anything over this and a wedding planner will considerable impact your spending. They not only will provide you with a realisic budget they will make sure you stick to it. yes this someimes involes some juggling but they know how to make your money strentch.

A few of the things couple belives when planning their wedding which are just not true.

  • Buying is cheaper than hiring - So often people think that buying their centrepieces is cheaper than hiring them which can be the case in the UK but for destination weddings it is generally not the case as we don't have Home Bargains and the Range. Also once you have brought 15 Lanters where are these going afterwards and have you also brought your candles. generally once you have brought all the extra times the hire company can do it cheaper and most often a better quality product.

  • DIY is cheaper - Yes maybe buying all the card and sticking everything together for your invites is cheaper but it is extremely time consuming and there are some great website which offer design facilities and then you can print them or they can print them as well. Yes I believe invites should be the first thing people remember about your wedding but they dont need to cost a €1000 unless you want them too.

  • Buying one cheap item, thinking you can make it look as good as the better item for less. This is something I see happening all the time, people buying or hiring one item that they think will work and generally it isn't suitable so they need to buy something else to go with it which then adds to the cost or buying twice. some examples of these are centrepieces being too small or chairs being to small and uncomfortable.

  • They have the time to do everything.- I work with people who dont have time to plan their weddings and they accept this from the start, this might be because of work commitment or family but they know from the start its never going to happen. They say on average it take 100 hours for a wedding planner to plan a wedding and this is someone who knows what they are doing and who to contact it can take on average 528 for a couple to plan their wedding, if you are planning your wedding within the year do you have a spare 2 hours a day or 22 days?

  • The day will runs itself the suppliers know what they are doing - This can be true if it is suppliers which all work together all the time they will just know, but for destination weddings often the venue doesn't come with their own staff and table & chairs etc, So many sure everyone knows where they are going and what to do on the day its better if one person can take over this so the couple can just relax and enjoy their wedding.

Things I know for certain having a wedding planning will achieve:

  • Less stress

  • More time

  • No hidden costs

  • Smoother wedding day

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