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Wedding Themes & How to Create Them.

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Picking a wedding theme can be one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding as most couples have so many ideas going around in their mind that they then end up with 20 different key themes going on. As a wedding planner, I then looking at images they like and pull out the key elements from each picture and narrow down what they really want.

Some couples may wonder if you actually need a theme for your wedding and in short no you don't but the realitiy is you will have one even without realising.

What does a wedding theme mean?

It’s an idea or concept that flows throughout the events and ceremonies. This can be as simple as your favorite color or a song. Or as specific as the styles of your favorite decade or movie. It can basically be anything which is reoccuring through out your wedding, and should start from your save the date or invites.

How to pick a wedding theme?

There are just a few simple concepts to keep in mind:

  • It should be easily recognized by your guests. If it isn't obvious and your guests need to ask these means you do not have a clear theme.

  • It should be personal. When your guests arrive they should think this is so "YOU"

  • It should stand out. Which is difficult with standard themes like romantic and elegant so that is why it needs to be personal even if you took that theme as a starting point.

Basic Theme


Key Features

1 Rose's

2 Patel Colours / Soft hues

3 Floral

4 Calligraphy


Key Features

1 Twine

2 Wood

3 String Lighting

4 Rural

How to make these more personal

Colours - This years colours of the year was neon- mint not that anyone really got married. Last year it was coral but if you are not bothered on whats on trend and just want to pick your favorite colour or a colour which fits you as a couple. Somethimes even a football teams colours.

Films/ TV - There was alot of Harry Potter and Games of Thrones themed weddings over the last decade but you could choose any film or Tv programme, this isnt something I would personally recommend as it is very soon dated.

Erea's - This is not as popular but there were some great fashion erea's which stand out as a theme 1920's is always great for an elegant wedding.

Places - This can be made easy by having your wedding on a beach or a castle as that is then a theme in itself. or if you always imaged a paris wedding but you can't travel you can also syle your venue accodingly.

Every week on my instragram story i post a moodboard with a theme why not keep a look out for my moodboards.

July's blog post is TBC due to cronovirus I have no real wedding blogs to write.

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