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When to use Special effects at weddings

There are so many special effects which can be added to any wedding to make the day something to really remember this is anything from ice sculptures to confetti cannon's and Wedding cake mapping.

Lugues are a entertainment as well as a decoration and also evoke emotion in your guests as a lot will have seen these in the past at events. Luges are sculptures that liquid can be poured into, so that the liquid travels from the top of the sculpture down into the guest's waiting glass. They can be a simple sculpture but also can be design to a specific shape. These are becoming more popular with weddings with the trend of the evening celebrations being the element to remember at a wedding and also with the increase of pop up theme bars and cocktail bars. Ice Sculpture As mentioned luges are also a decoration and can be made into anything you wish either by hand sculpting or machines. Not all sculptures need to be a lugue they can be just as exciting for other areas of the day for example for the arrival drinks the ice could be made into a large ice bucket for champagne or for a cocktail station. This would have a great 'wow' factor. And excite your guests for the rest of the wedding from the very beginning. Projection Projection is a method used to show images or shapes onto a surface, there are many forms of projection in weddings some people have pictures of the couple through the years which is a great way to make the event personal however this level of projector becomes very mundane after seeing it once or twice. There are other cost effective ways of projection for example the couples initials onto the dancefloor for the first dance again this is very personal which is the desired result of all weddings. A new very exciting way of projections is projection mapping on the cake as shown in the picture below this is an extremely innovative idea and means the cake is constantly changing this is a more expensive way of projecting as it takes great skill, however it saves the cost of decorating your cake, and has a much more interesting feature at your wedding. Bubble machine - Bubble machines make bubbles on mass and blow them over a large area they are a fun special effect which could be used an different times during the wedding. Children love bubbles which will keep them entertained and even adults find them entertaining. A bubble machine could be used for a first dance this would encourage the other guests to join the happy couple. You could also incorporate this into the wedding favours and have pots of bubbles on the tables for people to take home to remember this element of your special day. Alternatively you would have a bubble machine when the couple are leaving the ceremony instead of confetti. bubble Flame Projector - Flame Projectors are devices that projects a column of flame upwards, for a short, determined and controllable, period, these are also seen as indoor fireworks. This effect attracts people's attention to a specific location weather that be encouraging guests inside by having these outside the main wedding breakfast room or if they are used during the first dance they still have the main desired effect of during people attention and creating a ‘wow’ factor for the guests. Another area you could use flame projectors would be as a band starts to clearly define the change from Wedding breakfast to evening party. This is only very few of the many amazing special effect you can use to make your wedding one of a kind check out my Pinterest account for more inspiration.

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