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Why Hire an On The Day Wedding Planner

I heard it so often people saying I can plan my own wedding, and if i'm honest if your have the time and patience you probably can or if you have booked a venue with an in-house planner who is there for you every step of the way but if you have a DIY wedding have you considered on the wedding day itself....

You have spent months maybe even year planning out your perfect DIY wedding in your self catering/marquee venue you know everything about who is going to attend which supplier are working the event when they will be setting up and clearing dow, you also know the time plan for the day, but who else knows this information??

If you have kept all this information to yourself and not allocated one of your poor family members to take charge of your day everyone is going to be coming to you for everything and I am pretty sure you want to feel like a bride on your wedding day with nothing to worry about but having fun.

Well this is why you need an on the day planner, as I just mentioned you might choose a poor family member to take over this responsibility but why should they not enjoy the day? Why should they be watching their watch all day and moving your guests around? They also more often then not haven't done it before, I know they are your organised friend who plans all the girls nights. Well your wedding day is different there is lot's of elements on the day which can be easily missed if you didn't plan the wedding yourself of works weddings for a number of years. for example will they notice if the salt and pepper isn't on the tables of if the candles haven't been lit, would they notice if your mum can't see your first dance?

Having an On The Day Wedding Planner takes away so much stress and anxiety in the lead up to your wedding as well, the package I offer take away all the boring tasks of contacting suppliers and confirming the plans it leaves you to pamper yourself and enjoy the last month of being and engaged couple. it also mean I am on hand for any last minute questions or concerns and I will also point out anything you have missed you would be surprised how many people forget a guest book.

You should now be asking why you wouldn't book and on the day wedding planner. If you want to relax and enjoy your wedding day with minimum interruptions and simple turn up and have fun.


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