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Why I Love Weddings & Being a Wedding Planner

Before the wedding

· Meeting new people

Anyone who is a wedding planner has to like people and especially meeting new people all the time which is one thing that I love about my job! I love hearing their stories of how they got together and how they got engaged either that being a trip to Disney or simply sitting on the sofa at home. Everyone’s story lets you into their personality. I love finding out all the little things that will make their wedding personal.

· Helping people making their dreams a reality

Many people, when they plan their wedding, have lots of ideas but are not sure where to start or who can help with each area; this is more often the case with destination weddings, which everyone loves the idea of, as they are something different and also means everyone gets a holiday. However, this means that the happy couple have the to go through the struggle of finding the right person to plan their wedding, while not being in the same country and sometimes not even speaking the same langue. This is where I love to step in and make their dreams a reality.

· Taking the stress away from planning

Whether you are planning a destination wedding or a local one, they are stressful and with 20 percent of engagements not making it to the wedding day, I think a lot of this is down to the stress and pressures which are involved in the planning. I love being a part of people’s weddings, especially when I know I am helping to make the process easier, whether that’s putting the couple’s minds at rest over something someone has told them they have to do, or taking on a jobs that they are finding challenging. Whatever the problem, I will always find a solution and make the planning process less stressful.

On the day

There are so many special moments on the day itself which make me love being a wedding planner, but the following are just a few points I look out for:

· Father of the bride seeing the bride for the first time

When the father sees his daughter for the first time, all ready to start her new life with her husband, is always a moment which gets me. It doesn’t have to be a bride and her father, it could be with her mum or it could be a groom with his family members. It is just that lovely moment when everyone is so happy and exciting for what is about to happen. I often encourage other members of the wedding party to leave at this point so the person walking the bride or groom down the aisle can have a few moments alone with them, to say some words of wisdom, or lighten the mood, depending on what is needed.

· The groom standing at the alter and seeing the bride for the first time

When the groom is waiting at the end of the aisle, you can how nervous he is. As in the previous point, this could also be a bride waiting at the end of the aisle; either way, they are always a little nervous. I think it doesn’t matter how long you have been together for, we have all watched too many films where the bride doesn’t show up, and I often think this keeps popping into their minds. So, when their partner starts walking towards them, you can see the relief and joy and happiness sweep over them.

· Speeches

I remember when I first started working in weddings, I found the speeches boring and was always glad when I wasn’t the one who had to stay in the room during them. However, over the years I’ve actually started to like being around at speeches time. It is so lovely seeing this intimate moment, when families become one and talk so openly about each other.

· First dance

The first dance is often a time most people are scared of, as not many like to be in the centre of attention that much, but this isn’t something to be worried about, as no one is watching your dancing skills, they are just watching two people who are head over heels in love with each other, sharing a special moment. I also love these moments, as whether it’s a slow dance, or a full blow routine, it is a very personal moment that the happy couple have let the guests into, and the dance moves and the song show even more about who they are.

After the wedding

I never like to lose touch with my couples, and I love to check in at least once a year to see how they are getting on with married life. I just love hearing about key moments in their life, like their first baby or a new home.


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