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Writing a Blog!!

Wow! I don't believe anyone who says starting a blog is easy, what do you write, will anyone read it, what if people hate it, are just a few of the things which went through my mind before starting this. However with the encouragement from my sister I realised  everyone has to start somewhere.

I'm starting this blog to not only help and support future brides and grooms, but also to show  them that everything they are thinking and feeling is normal.

I love everything about weddings from the venue appointments, the styling and design, the set up on the day to the first dance. The one moment for me which always stands out are the moments in the day when the happy couple simply take a moment together away from the friends and family to really focus on what the day is about, and all the planning which goes into this one day seems worth it. Regardless of if people do this planning all on their own or with some help from friends family or a wedding planner it was ultimately all about them. 

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