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We just got a save the date - do we need to do anything?

Planning a wedding in France is a hassle. It would be a world easier if we can get a rough idea of numbers. We know it is tough to commit to anything at the moment and will understand if for some reason you need to change your answer, but if you could let us know that you're initially in/out - it would REALLY help. We will of course reconfirm with an invite closer to the time



Travel - how do we get there?

The wedding is in a village called Saint-Seurin-de-Prats in Dordogne France. There are some great airport options nearby (the transport links to the region is the main reason why we bought our place there)

Bordeaux Airport is 60 mins from the venue

Bergerac Airport is 45 mins from the venue

Toulouse is 2 hours if the flights work better.

Paris by train is about 3 hours all in, if trains are your thing. It’s 2 hours from Paris to Bordeaux, and then less than an hour from Bordeaux to the local train station.

From there we recommend to rent a car – we will be in the countryside, so a car is necessary unless you’re willing to walk 10 miles - but there is the option of a taxi by request.



Accommodation - what is the deal?

So here is the deal. We think the Chateau will fit enough people when coupled with our place. The main reason we chose this venue is the high caliber of the sleeping accommodation. Newly renovated, it is one of the nicest places we’ve seen in the region for people to stay. We think it’s capacity will be enough for everyone who comes but based on initial RSVP’s and preferences we will arrange any additional accommodation as needed. At most this might be us renting an AirBnB in walking distance for a group of friends again within the EUR60 per person a night bracket.



What do we need to wear?

Frankly outside of the wedding day itself we really don't care. To quote Rob - 'pants are prison' so at the Vineyard party you can wear shorts if you want, Rob will be!

On the wedding day, because shorts are apparently 'not classy enough for a wedding' we're going for a slightly more formal affair. Shirt and slacks for guys is totally fine - if you want to wear a blazer, that is fine, if not, also fine - just no shorts! 

For ladies, honestly live your best lives. You don't need to wear a ball gown so just wear a dress or top that you like and have fun. 

Keep in mind it will likely be quite warm, especially on the wedding day, so we wouldn’t recommend heavy fabrics – though you may need a sweater or something to keep you warm at night.


Gifts / Cash - what do you want?

The short answer is nothing. If you guys are coming to France, we know that isn't cheap. While it may seem to be a cliché we sincerely mean it.

Genuinely just come to France, have fun and it will mean more to us than any toaster or china tea set ever could!


What is the deal with plus ones?

Pandemic is a bit of a mess, right? Frankly at this point we want whoever you want to come to feel comfortable coming! If we have not expressly included your significant other on the Save The Date/Invite, don’t stress – they’re cool to come just please tell us right away.


Ditto, kids. If you need to bring a kid with you to be able to come, that is fine. Full transparency, we doubt there will be a tone of kids but who cares – bring em if you need to. Let us know in advance and we’ll work to sort sitters etc.


Single folks – we are trying to keep the wedding relatively small, so you are not automatically getting a +1 – it’s because there simply isn't space! But don't worry, you won't be alone – all the other single folks will be in the same boat and also everyone we’re inviting is pretty nice (at least we think so!) so you will definitely have people to hang out with!



What are you guys covering vs what are we paying for?

If you can get to France, outside of accommodation, we got you. We will be covering all food and booze for the Vineyard party, wedding and brunch the next day. Additionally breakfast and lunch on the wedding day are included!

We are subsidizing the accommodation but the wedding weekend will cost EUR60 per person per night for your accommodation if you’re staying in the Chateau

The only place you may have to spend money is at the Duras night market as we can’t take that over and cover it all in a practical way. (it is a public night market and we’re not generous enough to fund the entire village having a night out)!

That said, a bottle of wine is 6 euro so I wouldn’t worry about it blowing the budget!


Vaccines, COVID etc


Do you need a vaccine to attend? 




Going to be direct on this one. If you don’t have up to date vaccinations (ie booster) we’re afraid you can’t come. Please note, should the border rules change, ours wouldn’t. If you’ve not had the vaccines you can’t come. 

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