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Styled Shoot -Chateaux Le Bourge

Before moving to France, I had spoken to the owners of this Chateau about using it as a wedding venue and we were excited to meet and discuss about our partnership. So far, they’ve only hosted a few small family weddings, however they are hoping to change this, which is a great opportunity for me.

The chateau can accommodate an event of maximum of 30 people, so it is perfect for an intimate wedding. The party can be held inside or outside of the chateau, depending on the guest’s preference and of course, the weather. The venue can also accommodate 12 people in some very cosy rooms, including a large bridal suite at the top of the turret.

Thanks to my sister, who is a great photographer and organised a very professional photoshoot, I have got some great new photos of this venue, as well as some up to date pictures of me for my website, as they were quite lacking out there.

Chateau le Bourg is a beautiful location, with a medieval feel all around, especially inside, creating a special scenery for lovely winter weddings. The outside space offers a few options, for either an open-air wedding or a marquee during the summer months.

While doing this styled shoot, I realised why I am a planner and not a stylist; I can see when things look beautiful and I admire the unique decorations, however buying all the bits to make it look nice isn’t my strongest asset, although I do appreciate how lovely everything looks in the end.

More great things that came out of this styled shoot were the welcome video for my website, as well as some content for the start of my YouTube channel, which I will be continuing to add to. Future ideas include some tip and tricks videos, as well as behind the scenes at weddings.

This is all new and the future sounds very exciting, watch this space to see what is happening out there in the wedding planning world.

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