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Winter Weddings!

With winter really arriving in the UK I thought it was about time to talk about the joys of a winter wedding. Most people avoid winter weddings... However I could not think of anything better. I love the summer as much as the next person but nothing excites me more than a winter wedding for me the winter is all about being comfortable and with family which is also what most people want on their wedding day. Most summer weddings end up not being comfortable as people are too hot in their dresses and suits and you always end up with one guest getting sun burnt, but in winter you do not have that concern. You also will not get the disappointment on your wedding day if it is not sunny which as we all know too well that summer in the UK defiantly doesn't guarantee sunshine.

Therefore I fully support the winter wedding.. shh its also cheaper as people still need to fill their events space but there is not such high demand.

For me it is everything about a winter wedding that makes them so special, from the beautiful dresses which are then super cosy with a lovely faux fur wrap or cape......

To the centrepieces which simply incorporate everything beautiful about winter, the pine cones and the holly it doesn't matter if it is a Christmas themed wedding or simply just taking everything magical about winter to make your wedding day just a magical.

When considering a winter wedding it is key to think of the guest who will be traveling from ceremony to reception venue unless you really think a head and have everything in one venue but either way people will need to stay warm and what better way then to have a lovely warm reception drink or blankets for the people venturing outside weather it be for photos or changing location.

I truly think everyone should consider a winter wedding they are a magical day and perfectly styled with great lighting and simple touches to make everyone feel comfortable and truly welcomed.

Don't fall into the attraction of a spring or summer wedding think outside the box and make your wedding day truly magical .

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