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Styled Shoot - Behind the Scenes

I often wondered why people do styled shoots it a lot of work and what do you gain well I was so wrong.

For this styled shoot I was only responsible for the table set ups and decorations the reason I was asked to do this was because the venue had been refurbished and needed new brochure pictures. Normally for a styled shoot you would great more suppliers involved.

From the start of the process the above picture was the one I was most excited to see set up I really love the ceremony part to all weddings and as I mentions on my Instagram this week aisles really make a different and hopefully you can see how in the picture above.

As this was my first styled shoot I didn't fully understand the detail and time this was going to take. I have worked many weddings and turned rooms around but this was different. Every chair needed to be lined up perfectly and the centre pieces needed to balance the room perfectly but also be photogenic.

I know many people love chair covers and I do also but this venue has lovely brand new chairs and for the budget conscious they could simple use sashes which still lift the room and pull all the colours together.

For this shoot not only did we have the ceremony set up and the formal wedding set up we also tried out a more simple set up which was more about just the flowers which really shows that you should decide what you want to stand out in your wedding and spend the money there.

We spend the same amount of money of the flowers for both shoots but in the first one they are just part of the room but in the second shot they are the main feature. - makes you think if your on a small budget.

As I said at the start being part of this styled shoot made me realise why they are so important. They not only provide you with great photo's which can be added to your social media and website but it also gave me chance to try out some idea's and colours and see what works bests.

Working as a planner any excuse to play with table designs is always fun and even better when what you imagined in your head turns out to look pretty good even if I do say so myself.

My next styled shoot in next week which is more challenging than this one as it is for a a new venue to weddings so not only do I need to design the table but I also need to discover the flow of the space and where will work best for all the parts of the wedding.

Do not forget new blogs posted twice a week, which will now be Sunday & Wednesday.

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