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When Black comes to life - Real Wedding

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Last year I had the pleasure of working on the day for this lovely couple and it is a wedding which will always stick in my mind as it was different from so many other weddings, it wasn't a beach wedding or a barn rustic wedding it was a hotel wedding done the way that suited the couple perfectly.

The venue is already very dark and often people feel they have to add as much white as possible to make this room stand out but this wedding was all about the flowers from the ceremony arch to the bridal flowers and the centre pieces the bright full displays were what stood out.

The Bride even help with all the floral displays so she could really have exactly what she wanted and the bouquets stood out in the white wedding dress but also on the black bridesmaid dresses- yes black bridesmaid dresses and it wasn't a goth wedding it was what suited them perfectly and everyone was comfortable everyone loves a black dress!

I would never normally use a red carpet as the aisle runner but against the black chair covers the red just popped and it matched amazingly well with the bright flowers.

TIP - An aisle runner is always needed regardless of the carpet on ground you are getting married on it just finishes the look perfectly and they do not need to be expensive they just need to clearly show where the wedding party will be walking.

This ceremony was the first wedding I had ever been present for which added a personal touch to the ceremony, often people simple go through the traditional process with no added extra's. The grooms mum performed a hand fasting ceremony which then involved all the guests tying a ribbon to a rope which the mother of the groom had used to tie the couples hands together. This was a beautiful part to the ceremony not only did the hand fasting enable the happy couple to speak to everyone person it also gave them something to keep for ever.

The bright floral theme was included form the invite to the table numbers, which were beautifully designed by the brides sister in law it is the simple kind gesture from family members which make weddings so organically personal.

I really love the black table clothes they really make the table decorations pop, not only do the flowers stand out but so do the sparkles, which so often with white linen disappear in photo's and as you can see in the picture below the silver sparkles hugely standout.

Some people may think black is a depressing colour for a wedding but I really think weddings are all about the couple and what works for them and black also is a colour which is all about strength and elegance which is how all marriages should start in my opinion.

The cake table was one of my favourite parts of this wedding not only because when I first asked the bride about the wedding cake she simple said she just wanted "CAKE" and these cakes really make me think of just that. Wedding cake is something which should be eaten and as the brother in law make the wedding cake it was sure to be a hit as everyone already loved his "CAKE". The cake table was also extremely personal to the happy couple it is the little touches like this which people remember.

For me it is the personal touches which make weddings so for me my second favourite part to this wedding was the welcome sign. I have found some grooms do not know what is happening in the weddings but this groom did and also had his own stamp.

I had the pleasure to meet this couple and loved working with them in supporting them up to their wedding day, and since I would say I really consider them friends and wish the now three of them so much happiness as the years roll on.

I write a blog about real weddings every Monday so do come back and read next weeks.

Photo credit - Paul Wright Photography

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